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Why you should clean your upholstery

22nd May 2019
Why you should clean your upholstery

Don't skip furniture in your cleaning plan

Whilst many people are good at regularly cleaning their carpets, upholstery is often forgotten about. Here are 3 reasons why you should clean your upholstery.

Remove bacteria

According to research, the average Briton spends an average of 27 hours a week watching the television – that’s the equivalent of 3.8 hours a day! It’s probably a safe assumption that most of this time is spent reclined on the sofa, which means you are surrounded by whatever bacteria has collected there.

Potentially harmful bacteria can collect throughout your home but can survive for long periods of time in your upholstery. Many people enjoy eating dinner from the sofa, but this increases the risk of food and liquid spillages that can become ground deep into the fibres. This food provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that could potentially make you ill. 

Improve smell

When bacteria, dirt and mould have time to develop in your upholstery, it can result in your furniture smelling musty or just downright awful. Pets, leftover food and smoking are all number one causes of smelly furniture; a professional deep clean of your upholstery is the only way to remove such odours and leave them smelling fresh.

Extend lifespan

It’s common to confuse ‘dirty’ with ‘damaged’, especially when it comes to furniture. Once upholstery starts to look dull and faded, many people think it’s time for a replacement. However, it is possible that all your furniture needs is a thorough clean to get it looking as good as new. Not only will this leave you with fresh-smelling and looking furntiure, it will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Our professionals recommend that you have your upholstery professionally cleaned at least every six months, however, more regular home cleaning is also recommended. For a professional upholstery cleaning service that work around your schedule, contact No1 Carpet Cleaners today. We are the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the UK and have built our reputation by delivering outstanding results.


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