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Top 5 benefits of cleaning your office carpets

21st February 2020
Top 5 benefits of cleaning your office carpets

Office carpets have to deal with a lot, from a high volume of foot traffic to the inevitable tea spillage yet they are an important part of maintaining the overall look and health of your working environment. So, if you’ve being neglecting them, read through our top 5 benefits of getting your office carpets professionally cleaned and discover how it can transform your workspace.

Extend the life of your office carpets

One of the biggest benefits of professional office carpet cleaning is that it helps extend the life of your flooring. In a busy office environment, dirt, dust and debris get easily embedded into your carpet which, over time, causes the fibres to break down and deteriorate. Our experienced technicians get deep down into your carpet to remove this dirt build up and so prolong the life of your carpet.

Professional office carpet cleaning gets rid of nasty stains

With the number of people moving about, sipping teas and eating lunch at their desks, it’s hardly surprising office carpets can get so stained. The expert technicians at No1 Carpet Cleaners use eco-friendly yet tough cleaning products and the latest steam clean technology to blast away even the toughest of stains to leave your carpets sparkling clean. 

Clean carpets improve the overall look of your office

If the carpets in your building are covered in dark stains, dust and general debris, your clients and employees are going to get a negative impression of your company from the moment they walk through the door. Professional carpet cleaning will leave your office floor looking as good as new and smelling fresh so you can be confident your carpet won’t let you down.

It reduces ugly carpet traffic lanes 

The route to the water cooler, printer, breakroom and bathroom are well trodden paths in any office which can lead to uneven wear and tear in your carpet. Regular deep cleaning will help to even up the uneven wear so that your floors stay looking sharp for much longer.

Clean carpet makes your office more hygienic

Professional office carpet cleaning gets deep down into the pile of the carpet to kill and remove nasty germs and bacteria that love to bury down deep into the fabric. This helps to significantly improve the cleanliness of your workspace and therefore reduce the chances of your staff getting sick.


No1 Carpet Cleaners combine years of experience, tough but environmentally friendly products and innovative steam clean technology to ensure your office carpets are cleaned to the highest standard. To book your office carpet clean at a time and date to suit you, so you minimise disruption to your business, contact the friendly No1 Carpet Cleaners team today on 0808 239 5259.

Top 5 benefits of cleaning your office carpets
Top 5 benefits of cleaning your office carpets
Office carpets have to deal with a lot, from a
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