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Tips for general carpet care

5th June 2017
Tips for general carpet care

Look after your carpets with these professional carpet care tips

Anyone with carpets in their home understands that such a large investment needs to be kept clean and in perfect condition for as long as possible – carpet isn’t cheap! Whilst professional carpet cleaning is absolutely crucial to the health and appearance of your carpets, there are also a number of other tasks you must complete regularly in order to ensure that their colour, texture and overall appearance remains just as it did when they were first laid!

To help keep your carpets in perfect condition between professional carpet cleaning appointments, our team of carpet cleaning experts have put together a list of tips for their general care.

Avoid sunlight exposure
Just like most materials, your carpets can become faded when exposed to sunlight for too long. To ensure that your carpets don’t fall victim to unsightly fade marks, close blinds and curtains wherever possible – particularly on sunny days!

Blot, don’t rub
You may have heard your mum tell you countless times to blot stains, NEVER rub them – and as always, she’s right! Rubbing spillages on your carpet with a cloth will only spread the stain and, more often than not, help the fibres of your carpet to absorb it! By gently blotting a spillage with a clean, damp cloth, the spillage will be transferred from your carpet and onto the cloth.

Invest in doormats
High traffic areas within the home such as entrances can be risky for the appearance of your carpet! However, by investing in some good quality doormats and placing one on the inside and outside of your front and back doors, your visitors’ shoes will be less likely to leave muddy marks all over your carpets.

Vacuum regularly
As well as regular professional carpet cleaning, it is also very important that your vaccum your carpets regularly to ensure that any surface dirt or dust isn’t given the chance to get stuck between the carpet fibres. Did you know that abrasive dirt that is trodden around the house could permanently damage your carpet?

To find out more about our professional carpet cleaning services in your area, or for more carpet cleaning tips and tricks, contact our team today!

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