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Spring cleaning checklist

18th March 2019
Spring cleaning checklist

From your carpets to your cushions, keep your house looking clean and smelling fresh this springtime.

Spring is here! It’s time to open the windows, let in a little more light and embrace slightly warmer weather, so let’s run through some of the most important places to clean in your house now that winter’s out the way.


Dust all surfaces

Dust can accumulate really easily in your house, and as the spring sun shines through your window, it’s going to become really obvious. Using a duster, have a quick brush over all the tables, chairs, shelves and units that dust could possibly settle to leave everything sparkling.

Wash cushion covers and clean sofas

The average person spends most of their time on their sofa, especially in the winter months when it’s too cold to consider leaving it. Putting cushion covers through the washing machine and booking a professional clean for your upholstery is a good idea, just to freshen your lounge up for spring.

Polish metal

Whether you have metal door handles or furniture, it’s a good idea to polish metal to keep it shiny. You can find metal polish in most supermarkets, and the shine you can achieve will give your home a subtle boost. 

Professional carpet clean

Carpets pick up the most dirt in your house, and most of it is unseen. A professional carpet clean can lift the grime from deep in your carpet, making your house smell fresher and reducing allergens. Booking regular cleans throughout the spring and summer can keep your carpet in the state you’d like it to stay, too.

Wash windows

Windows only need to be washed with a warm water and dishwashing liquid solution, before being rinsed thoroughly. With more natural light in the springtime, you’ll want the windows to be as clear as possible to look out.

Wash rugs

Like carpets, rugs pick up a lot of grime. Whilst you may think your wood floor is healthier than a carpet, your rug can in fact harbour allergens, so booking a professional clean is necessary. Springtime is the best time to really feel the benefit of a fresher smelling rug and opening the windows a little will help to circulate the airflow of your house.

Clean curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds are the first defence for any bacteria or dirt that comes in through the window, so it’s important to keep them clean. Make sure to wash them with the appropriate solution, and dust the slats of your blinds if you have them.

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