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Professional carpet cleaning for wool carpet

28th March 2019
Professional carpet cleaning for wool carpet

Our carpet cleaning specialists have the knowledge and expertise to clean any kind of carpet effectively, including wool.

Different materials require different cleaning treatments and wool carpets need a specific technique to keep them fresh and deeply cleanse them of dirt and bacteria. Our carpet cleaning experts are capable of treating all kinds of carpet and can leave wool feeling back to their best.

Wool won’t be damaged by our techniques

Many owners of wool carpets worry that a professional carpet cleaner will use cleaning techniques that can damage their carpet, such as excessive scrubbing, or even use harmful solutions that contain toxic chemicals.

At No.1 Carpet Cleaning, we only use non-toxic solutions. We treat carpets gently, cleaning them powerfully but without excessive force, so you won’t have to worry about damage.  

We don't use excessive amounts of water

Excessive amounts of water can lead to big problems in your carpet, especially if the fibres are thick, like they are in wool carpets. We don't use too much water when we clean carpets, so water can’t seep into the material and damage it.

Our specialists are trained to know exactly how to treat different types of material and can dry your wool carpets quickly, to avoid shrinkage or fibres soaking up too much moisture.

We can spot-clean stains

Spillages and stains are important to see to individually. Spot-cleaning a wool carpet is easy, and our experts will make sure your carpet is handled with care.

We can also advise you on how to look after your carpet in the long-term between professional carpet cleans. Our specialists have years of experience in cleaning an array of materials and can give you tips on aftercare for wool carpets.

For a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service that work around your schedule, contact No1 Carpet Cleaners today. We are the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the UK and have built our reputation by delivering outstanding results.

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